Anything Aquaponics is changing how we grow food.

Aquaponics Systems create a conscious and sustainable method of food production combines fish farming and hydroponics to solve the problems of both; not to mention some global issues as well. Fish waste is converted into nutrients for plants by worms and bacteria. This is called bio-mimicry, or imitating nature.

The plant cleaned water recycles to the fish tank conserving water while increasing yields. These low maintenance systems pump out produce like no other farm or garden can: quicker, cleaner, and year-round.

Anything Aquaponics is changing how we grow our food |

Here in Seattle at Anything Aquaponics we strive to make you self-sustaining in the most efficient way possible.

Our clients and schools learn how to build and run their own systems.  Through education and hands-on-workshops, we are empowering our community and strengthening local food-security here in the PNW region.

Having your own aquaponic system means you can grow practically anything: many varieties of plants, fish, and mushrooms. Using only 10% of the water and land as an in-soil garden or farm means that you get more produce out of putting in less energy. Talk about adding value to your life; this give you steady meals too!

"Seth is an amazing gardener, teacher and, engineer. Seth's passion for Aquaponic systems is unmatched in the gardening industry. Seth is here to educate, create, build and share Aquaponics with the greater Pacific Northwest and, more over the World. He provides a fun, safe place to learn how to easily grow your own food to live sustain-ably. Seth makes learning about gardening, growing food and, setting up Aquaponic systems easy to understand and, workable for anyone! Folks from the ages of 3-103 could take his class and, easily learn to grow their own food. They would also learn how to setup an Aquaponic system and, have the opportunity to expand upon their gardening knowledge since, Seth is a plethora of information on gardening, plants and Aquaponic systems.

I even won a mini system at a meet-up I attended of Seth's ! He's a generous soul with a big heart who wants to bring sustain-able gardening to your home.

Please, contact Seth today and, help save Mother Earth with Anything Aquaponics ! ♥"

Kenley Raye
Bozeman, Montana

Great teacher, great guy and a genius when it comes to aquaponics"

Dean Hickam
Puyallup, Washington

Greater Seattle Focus!

We also offer design, install, and maintenance services to those living in Washington with a focus on the greater Seattle area.

Choose from one of our many aquaponic systems that are priced to grow, or allow us to design one custom tailored to your vision. With many years of experience in both residential and commercial aquaponics, we have seen the incredible things it can do, and we're very excited to extend the benefits this farming method to our local community.

Whether you are new to the concept or an existing client, we want to make absolutely certain your system is done right and designed to last.  We are prepared no matter the scale. No backyard too small, nor acreage too large. This is the future of farming folks, and getting us there means doing it right. That we can all start, grow, and enjoy our ability to thrive!

Our process is simple. Schedule a consultation. We come to you, perform a site evaluation, and either recommend or design a system that fits your vision. After a two-day installation and an hour long 'how-to' class you are ready to star, grow, and enjoy all the food you want.


While our services can extend beyond Seattle over the PNW, we understand that not everyone can come here to learn. No matter where you live, there is likely an aquaponics farm nearby. Many offer services akin to our own such as classes, workshops and even volunteer opportunities like we do.

The buttons below will link you to lists of aquaponic farms; one domestic and the other international! Go ahead, click below to find your state/country and get involved!

If there are no farms near you, then get in touch with us via the form below. We offer virtual classes over Skype that give you the tools to start a system where you are. Everyone has a right to fresh, clean, and safe food. Allow us to give you a way to grow yours efficiently..

We are open to working with international aid programs and have developed a high-impact, low-footprint modular system. It is designed to provide fresh organic food in regions where water shortages, natural disasters, and food scarcity have effected peoples way of life.